Our story

Barend Post


Barend Post is an experienced lawyer and strategic legal consultant operating at the crossroads of various disciplines: legal, fiscal, financial, and commercial. Thanks to his extensive experience, he thinks and works across the board and from this perspective provides chain management and stakeholder and project management. Drawing on up-to-date knowledge of contract law, business law, financial law, real estate, and collaboration with others.
Barend Post has worked as equity partner at the finance & structuring section of AKD for over 15 years. Here a significant share of his work pertained to the healthcare, sustainable energy, and real estate sectors. He was also involved with administrative law and real estate at Stibbe, business law in a broad sense at Houthoff Buruma, and unit trusts, quotations, and securities law at Wouters Advocaten/Andersen Legal. During recent years, Barend Post was frequently involved with initiatives and projects in whose contexts the creation of social impact plays a key role.

An integrated and
socially engaged approach

Barend Post
An integrated and socially engaged approach with a “market focus” that puts the client’s interests and Corporate Social Responsibility at the centre, comes naturally to him. He approaches issues from a holistic point of view and cases with an open mind, cross-linking where possible. When addressing a financing issue, for example, other concerns are also considered, such as matters related to types of and agreements about partnerships, real estate, corporate governance, notarial aspects, government support, tender law, etc. Thanks to the “interdisciplinary” character of the cases he works on, he frequently collaborates with other specialised consultants.
His approach makes Barend Post a generalist. He takes on a helicopter view while maintaining the ability to operate at a detail level when necessary. He considers all stakeholders and shared interests, preferably where those involved do not (directly) acknowledge these interests. His foremost competence lies in the ability to reduce complicated issues to their essence and in an understandable manner address them with the involved stakeholders, while considering their respective frames of reference and achieving set targets.

Clients & Partners

The clients and partners of Barend Post Attorney-at-law are international and national organisations that operate in the private as well as the public sector.
Impact investment
Interim head legal and fiscal at Triodos Investment Management B.V., a globally acknowledged leader in the field of “impact investing.”
  • Advice on (re)financing trajectories of hospitals and healthcare institutions.
  • Consultancy on collaboration between hospitals, investors, and players in the real estate sector.
  • Consultant to hospitals faced with financial difficulties.
  • Consultant to municipalities that act as guarantor for the obligations of healthcare institutions.
  • Involved with the setting up and “roll-out” of independent treatment centres and dental franchises.
  • Autonomisation of hospital-based private clinics.
  • Advice on issues related to derivative products.
  • Consultant to mental healthcare institutions on restructuring of real estate, replotting collaterals, and the relationship to the Dutch Guarantee Fund for the Healthcare Sector (het Waarborgfonds voor de Zorgsector).
  • Consultancy on mergers in the public sector.
  • Consultant to venture capital and private equity funds on the creation of their funds and participation in healthcare-related businesses.
  • Advice on real estate transactions between healthcare institutions flowing from the care and foreign investors (“sale-and-lease-back,” emphyteusis structures, etc.).
  • Consultant to medical specialists on participation in hospitals.
Sustainable energy
International and national projects in the field of (offshore and onshore) wind energy, solar energy (PV), bio-based fuels, (biogas, biogasification, PKK fraction), Energy Service Companies, environmental impact reduction of schools, hydrogen, environmental impact reduction of areas, etc.
Real estate
  • Project structures and financing (new football stadium, new national icon in the field of flowers and plants, healthcare real estate, etc.).
  • Financing of housing associations.
  • Structuring, documentation, and implementation of real estate funds.
  • Handling of issues related to derivative products.
  • Autonomisation of port companies.
  • Area development.
  • Social urban innovation in areas that struggle with population decline.
  • Public-private partnerships.
(New) financing
Experience with the structuring and documentation of venture capital and private equity transactions, loan documentation, and alternative and innovative forms of financing (leasing, factoring, “stack financing,” issuing of bonds listed on NPEX/Euronext, “social impact bonds,” crowdfunding, etc.)